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NINGBO TOCEMA AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD. is specialized in development and production for engine parts, supplying OEM products and aftermarket service repair parts for customers at home and abroad.Company covers an area of 10.000 square meters
As a manufacturer for commercial vehicle engine parts,we supply cylinder head,complete cylinder head,short block and long block.The areas we major in are construction machinery,forklift,pickup truck and agricultural vehicles.
We take become the world's extraordinary engine parts enterprises for the purpose, providing customers with the best products, technologies and services consistently .Since the establishment of the company, we always pay attention to product quality. As the continuous stable product quality and good customer satisfaction is the key for enterprises to survive and develop. We are in strict accordance with the ISO-9004 international quality system certification and TS-16949 automobile industry quality system to control product quality. At present, we have established a complete production process control system, product testing procedures and quality assurance system. We have aluminum alloy gravity casting machine, aluminum alloy pressure die casting machine, cast iron cast a full set of equipment, Sand mold 3D printer,machine center, CNC lathe, CNC drilling, CNC milling, CNC boring machine, CNC grinding machines, cold heading machines and other advanced processing equipments, as well as complete quality testing instruments and means, have development and production capabilities with various types of engine valve mechanism parts.
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